Each year IMC takes place for a twofold purpose. First, IMC is meant to be a time of learning, growth, strengthening and reconciliation for individual marriages. Whether couples are struggling and need restoration, or they are currently healthy but want to be refreshed in their marriage, IMC is meant for them. Second, IMC provides an opportunity for marriage ministry and church leaders to come together for the purposes of networking and gaining insight on how to build and strengthen their own ministries so they can reach more people with the Gospel. IMC conferences are cross-denominational and bring in thousands of individuals each year from across the United States and internationally.

Executive Directors of N.A.M.E.


   January 2017 marked another new chapter for NAME.   Pastors Arnold and Gwen Tackett were asked by Molly Godzich, co–founder, to step into the role of leading NAME as the Executive Directors as she, herself transitioned from leadership of the daily operations of NAME to pursue new avenues of ministry.  The Tacketts, along with their staff are operating the ministry from the new headquarters office now relocated in California.

   Pastors Arnold and Gwen received their Masters in Biblical Counseling through Phoenix University of Theology and are credentialed with the Assemblies of God.  They are the founders of Vessels of Honor Ministries, authors of marriage studies and the Vessels of Honor Study Guide. The Tacketts, currently marriage/family pastors on staff in California, have conducted conferences around the country and continue to travel conducting marriage events.   They openly proclaim the power of Jesus to heal, restore and totally revolutionize marriages, families and lives of every age. The Tacketts have been closely connected with the Godzichs and NAME since its conception.  Their hearts are to carry the vision of NAME forward in this new chapter honoring the legacy of the late Dr Leo Godzich and the Lord.

Event Speakers

We will have several speakers, from General Sessions to Breakout Sessions, here are just a few speakers that will be joining us in California this October.
Dr. Michael Smalley

Dr. Michael Smalley

Smalley Institute

Dr. Smalley serves as a co-founder of the Smalley Institute. Helping couples has been his singular passion for over 20 years.

Bob & Audrey Meisner

Bob & Audrey Meisner

Love Married Life®

Bob and Audrey Meisner are best-selling authors, conference speakers, TV hosts and Founders of Love Married Life ®.

James & Terri Craft

James & Terri Craft

The Novus Project

James and Terri Craft have dedicated their lives to writing, coaching, mentoring, speaking and bringing awareness to marriages, families and the next generation.

Dr. John C. Martin

Dr. John C. Martin

VFA Lead Pastor

Dr. John C. Martin was elected the Lead Pastor of Victorville First Assembly on September 10, 2006. He has a heart to reach people for Christ and develop fully devoted followers of God!

Drs. David & Jan Stoop

Drs. David & Jan Stoop

Marriage & Family Matters

Dr. David Stoop is a psychologist and family counselor who has been working with families and marriages for over 35 years. Dr. Jan Stoop is a counselor, author, and seminar speaker. They have been married over 50 years.

Join us in Southern California

IMC Testimonies

Chad & Tina

"I attended the International Marriage Conference (IMC) this week in California. Prior to this weekend we had very little hope and now, through the grace of God and the help of the conference I’m confident that God will lead us to a better marriage then we ever experienced in the past."

Phil & Sandra

"Several years ago we first attended IMC and found it to be a powerful, impacting conference. In no other setting have we seen such biblically based truth about marriage shared by such a diverse group of powerful and anointed speakers."


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